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Kacer Bird


Kacer Bird is one bird species is much demand. This is because the booms are beautiful, hair color, contrast and fairly easy maintenance. But there is one problem that often arises, namely mbedhesi / mbagong / seahorse. Here are some tips to overcome them.
Mbagong / mbedhesi / nangkur / seahorse etc. that the term for one type of illness kacer. Forming such as sea horses, fur standing (shudder) accompanied by the sound of "Ter ... too ... too ..." usually this nature will arise if kacer see the opponent, heard the sound of other birds, etc..
Most kacer definitely cumbersome and it can not be denied because it comes from alamnya.saya guarantee dah birds kacer nice things emang cursory field competitions are not cumbersome but try to see him everyday he would have had only the most important is cumbersome treatment and locking in the field who should be extra tight.
Bird kacer cumbersome there are various causes:
a> terms of innate: there are birds in terms of innate emang emang she's already so often cumbersome in terms of these birds had no hope of the race made ato to be polished again because it will reap its results are not selling bagus.saran wrote to the market.
b> in terms of maintenance: this in terms of whether we are correct in terms of maintenance, such as bathing, drying plus ekastra foodingnya. Most kacer cumbersome because of the terms of her treatment emang salah.kacer've had a bird who likes hot then feeding like Kroto that little problem, if not at an interval of 2 days, it aims to curb excessive carnal lust because of the nature of bird dr kacer are fighters, so expect Kroto lapse in the provision of 2 today for the bird to keep fit in the field aliases do not blow out in the middle of my jalan.saran, kacer bird was much better at cricket fooding wrote about 10 to 20 a day for cricket in the body that are cold and are more likely to vote menjerihkan plus power.
Can be proven that most of the extra birds Kroto same crickets that we can see its obvious differences, Kroto birds would be too cumbersome if lust and most of the birds of his tremendous power should the crickets and birds diem diplangkringan aka calm but working and not deflated. Problems toilet once a day because if bird bath mostly like kacer will invite his lust cumbersome because the bird will often "didis" (caring for their feathers) when we sunbathe. Drying to the relatively terhgantung kacer bird, bird if we are going to want to dry in the sun long does gpp because bertujuaan fatherly body formation and training of breath so as not susceptible to disease, so if the bird about 3 hours maximum drying was already enough, the reason the bird so it does not need dried in the sun too long because then kalo abis pas field strength will quickly deflated aka middle of the road, so we are much more closed-cage him for a lot of vit istirahat.agar later in the field. The sound of birds chirping kacer
How to overcome kacer mbagong
How to overcome kacer mbagong / mbedhesi (Java) / sea horse with principles such as my friend also said "less sense of lust", namely by:
  1. Reduce / eliminate while giving her extra-fooding, aka give him food daily with only voor.
  2. Expand hours of bushels in the sun and do not let him lemes tungguin (later die ... sorry khan ..)
  3. Reduce shower (once a week if necessary pa-pa baseball, like mine khasus)
  4. Add drops of vitamins in their drinking water (according to the rules dikemasan)
  5.  After cumbersome / bedhes we love him just missing his ef little bit, not too much can cepet recurrence tuh ..,
Mbagong Kacer was easy to heal some very distinguished-2 is difficult to be cured, try to paste a fellow kacer sdh road again until the end without mbagong.
My conclusion, klau kacer mbagong basically not we revert with improving the mental (distanced bird-2 which he feared, and we make him as comfortable as possible in daily care) will recover more quickly. Others again when we kacer mbagong By design sdh sdh waduh my more than 10 victims still can not recover,
tips feature-2 kacer distinguished mbagong not easy, it's usually a bit lively birds / kesit (not benign) and do not use the hand to maintain spy played not so spoiled.
We recommend that the birds do not care too much, we just sets the conditions
kondisi: in this case is intended for daily care alone, like if she likes to be given daily 10 am to 10 pm, his suit ya kalo udah gt cook would be changed lagi.iya kenceng still works but the bird does not love the bird skalo kenceng not have his enemies Ntar jd tuh damaged birds.
kondisi race: It must be observed that, because this condition the bird must betul2 prime and Jos in lapangan.maka than that which is usually the birds given 10 seeds 2kali the menu changes daily to 2 cal folding aka 20 am sore.dan 5 seeds should be added before the fall into field contest that will make the bird become kenceng.dengan note that under normal conditions perawatnnya. And full kerodong.
You also try to overcome kacer bida mbangong / mballon / mbedhesi (Java) by the term bird returned to its natural kesuasana kacer becomes ready to race again in a way:
  1. Distanced from other birds that are gacor alias set apart.
  2. Kekandang inserted directly umbaran made essentially the ground, made of strimin umbarannya brackets, and made like dialamnya.
  3. If you do not have enough full-kerodong umbaran place just his cage, although in a drying position.
  4. Place tub given sand that has been washed clean, so as dialamnya back with the terms kept clean after use for our bird bath.
  5. During the healing should not be given ef pur enough alone.
  6. In granting the stay is always given vitamin drinks, so the condition is still excellent.
All was done for 1 (one) month, and only then given more ef a way little by little until the maximum position for 1 (one) month and after a bird believed to be ready to race then raced back to our favorite to win the champion.

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